New software will allow homebuyers to view homes’ interiors before they are even built including properties at its new £4m Ballyclare development

A local homebuilder has invested in innovative technology that will allow its customers to view upcoming properties in its portfolio that have yet to be built.

Simpson Developments is the first here to use new Computer Generated Illustration (CGI) software to offer potential buyers an insight into new residential builds set to go on the market even before the foundations are laid. 

The service has been made possible by a new relationship formed between Simpson Developments, Belfast based BLOCK CPM Limited and a European VR specialist firm. 

Simpson Developments has adapted the software to add several unique features too including interactive brochures and videos on the TV screens all of which provide a customer house viewing experience yet to be seen here.

It will mean that house viewers can now soak up the interiors of Simpson Properties on a bespoke VR tour that uses a model of the interior built from architect plans and virtually furnished and decorated by their interior designers. 

It’s a service that had been in the development pipeline for the company but was fast-tracked due to unforeseen events borne from the Coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns.  Agile techniques were used to deliver fast results with a dedicated team taking only six months to design and develop the software. Speaking about the new service, David Simpson said:

“Our new VR tours accompany Simpson Developments' brand-new website and both launches signal the completion of a rebranding process of the firm. 

“Some of our plans for the future have been pushed forward given the pandemic we are operating in, including the need to social distance and in some instances, the complete halt of viewings so this allows us and our home buyers to continue house hunting from the safety of their own homes in what is a very unique experience.”

Simpson Developments new website allows users to indulge in an even greater experience to view existing and upcoming projects on their laptops and personal devices. 

“Given that we are in another lockdown I think it’s important we offer an even better service, one that allows our image galleries and viewing processes to be as close to reality as possible because while the world may be at some sort of a standstill, there is opportunity to adapt and operate during these challenging times,” added Mr Simpson.

The digital landscape is changing at an ever-increasing speed. This is yet another sign of Simpson Developments adapting with ever evolving technologies within the competitive construction industry. The team continues to look for ways to innovate, not just on site but in every aspect of their work, offering home owners the best possible buying experience.

Among the company’s upcoming developments is a new Ballyclare site which is set to feature 20 new residential properties in the heart of the town. 

The £4m project has created 50 jobs and signals the start of major growth plans for the business. 

“We are in the market to purchase more land this year than we ever have and with that will come major growth. We are very much looking forward to what 2021 brings.”