Step 01 The financial bit

Check that you are in a position to buy. Have you visited your lender / mortgage advisor to confirm your price range? Our Selling Agents will require confirmed financial arrangements before committing to the sale - they can also introduce an independent financial advisor to do this for you.

Once you have established your financial position you can move on to the exciting bit.

Step 2 The exciting bit

Research and choose your perfect home and preferred site number from your preferred Simpson development. Give our selling agents a ring to arrange a viewing, or why not view the selection of virtual show homes that we have on our website.

The virtual show home experience lets you wander around at your own pace and will give you an idea of the size and space

Step 3 Make it yours

Once you have found "the one" its important to make it yours.

Contact our Selling Agents to book your site and pay your booking deposit. Our Selling Agents will also ask you to confirm your chosen solicitor to sort out all the legal bits.

Once you have booked your site you may want to take a peak at your new home as it progresses. You can call our site manager a few days beforehand to arrange a time and he will be happy to accompany you - unfortunately Health and Safety doesn't allow unaccompanied site visits.

Step 4 The legal bit

Our Selling Agents will now issue Sales Advice Letters to you, your solicitor and our solicitors and a contract will be issued for you to sign within 6 weeks.

Our selling Agents will also advise you on when to submit your mortgage application. If you have sold your house, it is important that you keep in regular contact with your solicitor to ensure that your sale is progressing.

We generally allow 6 weeks until we require you to sign a contract for your new Simpson home.

Step 5 You choose

Our dedicated team at Simpson Developments will contact you to make sure everything in your new home is just the way you want it.

Once you have chosen and booked your new home, we will send you our "Buyers Guide" with details of all of our nominated suppliers. It's over to you now to choose kitchens, bathrooms, tiling, carpets and any extras from those mood boards that you have created over the past few months!

Step 6 Nearly there

Just before completion, we will send your solicitor a final account for the purchase, which will include any extras that have been added from those mood boards!

Step 7 Welcome home

Once we have received payment of the final account on completion day, we will invite you to a home demonstration, where we will show you everything you need to know about your new home. We will also supply you with a Welcome Home pack, just in case you missed anything in all the excitement!.

All you have to do now is start moving in!

Step 8 After sales care

What ifs? shouldn't happen, but on the rare occasion that they might, we are just a phone call away from getting it sorted.

We pride ourselves in our aftersales care and will endeavour to address the "what if?" as quickly as we can and will keep you posted on progress all the way.

We have added a few FAQs to help…

I'd like some answers

When is the right time to buy my new home?

Now is the best time to buy - new homes are currently rising at an annual rate of 3%, so they aren't going to get any cheaper. Don't leave it until it's too late!

Which solicitor should I use?

Ask friends or family if they can recommend a good solicitor. Alternatively, we can point you in the right direction however we cannot use the same legal representative, therefore will allow you to have first pick.

Should I buy a brand new home or a resale?

Of course we will say new - but check out our guide on our website: Why Simpson - the benefits of buying a new home

View Guide
Which agent should I appoint to sell my home?

Again, a recommendation from family or friends is often the best decision. Bear in mind that it would also be beneficial to use the same agent as we do - this means that you will have only one point of contact and information on both your own sale and your purchase will be easily shared.

What if I can't sell my home?

Keep in constant contact with your chosen agent and follow any advice they give you. They know what makes a house sellable and will advise you on how best to present your home.

I am a first time buyer - what finance options are available to me?

There are many options available to first time buyers - Co-ownership, equity sharing, Help To Buy mortgages and low cost ownership schemes. These all provide help to make your new home an affordable reality.

When can I move in?

Your move in date depends on how quickly the legal process and mortgage application moves forward. We are in constant contact with our own team and you can speed up the process by doing the same. If both solicitors are proactive we can arrange a swift completion date.

Patience isn't one of my virtues - how do I ensure everything moves quickly and smoothly?

Constant communication with your solicitor, estate agent and mortgage advisor will ensure that things progress quickly and will keep all of your team on their toes! We do the same at our end and we will let you know if we need you to crack the whip a bit harder!

What choices do I have for my interior finishes?

You will be spoilt for choice! We have nominated suppliers who will happily show you what your options are for kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and carpets. We will give you a tailored Buyers Guide that will give you contact details and everything else you need to make your own choices

Can I make changes to the layout and specification?

We pride ourselves on the quality and high specification of our homes. We are in touch with the technology, features and additions that make a house a home and believe that our specification offers everything you need and a lot more. Our design team appraises every house to ensure we get the most efficient layout and a specification that is over and above the norm. However if you do wish to make some alterations we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Do I get a credit if I have my heart set on alternative finishes?

Yes. We will offer you an allowance towards your alternative choices.

Who is my point of contact for this process?

Our site manager will guide you through this process. We will give you their telephone number and email address and they will advise and answer any queries you have. Our site managers have won numerous Pride In The Job awards and part of this is due to their customer care - so don't be afraid to lift the phone to them.

Can I visit the site to check on progress and take measurements for furniture etc?

Yes, we understand that there is a lot more to consider when buying a new home. It's only natural to want to take a peak to see how it is progressing or to take a few measurements before you order your new furniture. It is important that you arrange a date and time with the site manager, preferrably a few days beforehand. Unfortunately Health and Safety doesn't allow unaccompanied visitors on the site - rules are rules!